Drawing 1, Part 1: exercise 2

Experimenting with expressive lines and marks

We were asked to choose four different emotions, and inhabit each as we made marks, lines and shapes on the paper.

The first emotion I worked with was calm. This was a lovely feeling. I felt smooth and wavy, no edges. Lots of blue and gentle colours. I felt swirly, I felt flowing. I felt fluid and expressive. I worked in charcoal, chalk pastels, drawing pen and oil pastels.


The second emotion I worked with was ‘excited’. This felt very stimulating and jumpy, the opposite of calm. I felt alive, expectant. Lots of jumpy lines, bright colours, fast lines, lots of energy and I felt forceful and fast putting the lines on the page. Again, I worked in charcoal, pen, chalk pastels and oil pastels.


The third emotion I worked with was ‘sad’. This conjures up for me cool colours, shades of blue and darker colours. I felt low, low down, , disorganised, edgy, tears, crosses, negative, obstructed. Stagnant. I worked in charcoal, oil pastels, chalk pastels and pastel pencils.


The final emotion I chose to work with was anger. This was a VERY powerful emotion, and I felt I had a lot of angry energy pent up inside me, as I hardly ever express anger openly. This felt very red and orange, very yellow. Very dynamic and forceful. I felt some black creeping in, as anger can be a heavy emotion. There was a lot of powerful mark making, anger as i scrubbed at the chalk pastels with my fingers, power as i scribbled the flame like, fiery marks. Peaks of jagged marks, representing the strength and how anger comes to a peak and is then blown out into the ether in a burst of passion. I used charcoal, chalk pastels, oil pastels and pastel pencils.


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