Drawing 1, Part 1: exercise 1

Impermanent mark making

For this exercise, in impermanent mark making, I decided to experiment with two different media.

First of all, I used a tray of red lentils as my canvas, and played with brushes and objects to make indents and marks. It was a very satisfying experience, a smooth process, with some delicious sound effects from the movement of the lentils. I found this very relaxing and therapeutic. Being able to swish the lentils back into a blank canvas, as such, was like a process of regeneration. The way the lentils behaved when I was swishing a paintbrush through them, and the difference when I used solid objects to make definable marks was very apparent.

For my second experiment, I used acrylic inks and a tray of water. I dripped the inks into the water from above, and watched as the inks swirled and made beautiful patterns in the water. It was mesmerising to see them spread out and create stunning, visual imagery, as the colours played and interacted with each other.

The process was very relaxing and I was fascinated by the images unfurling before my eyes. The impermanence was beautiful and left me with a sense of satisfaction, peace and tranquility.

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