Sketchbook: Foxy

I am vying with the idea of using my son’s toys for the Part 1 assessment. I am exploring some of them using different media.

Today I chose a large toy from Five Nights At Freddy’s, a computer game. The toy is a red fox, known as ‘Foxy’.

The first sketch I made, in my A3 sketchbook, was using a conte crayon to shade and make various marks.

‘Foxy’ in Conte crayon

I used a mixture of shading and directional lines to complete this sketch. The Conte crayon is wax like, and I find it difficult to shade with it. It is difficult for me to achieve differentiation in tonal value. I like the idea of directional lines, though. I think this sketch looks messy and haphazard, but quite interesting. I also feel that it matches the personality of the plush toy’s character.

The second sketch in my A3 sketching book, was also of Foxy, but in Willow charcoal stick.

‘Foxy’ in charcoal stick

I used smaller pieces, on their sides, to achieve the areas of shading, and the sharper edges of the stick for the outline and some of the detail. I enjoy working with this media as it is very versatile and flexible, and I enjoy the feeling of smudging with my fingers. I used a putty rubber to pull out the highlights. I feel this sketch captured the personality of the plus character, and his eyes are engaging.

The charcoal seems to achieve a wider differentiation of tonal values than the conte stick, in my experience. It is easier to manipulate when creating blocks of shadow, and highlights can easily be pulled out with an eraser. The conte is good for detail, and more accurate than the charcoal. It is also cleaner for cross hatching and defined mark making.

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