Drawing 1, sketchbook: Rabbit

Today I drew a toy rabbit and experimented with different media. I am exploring different ways of representing my son’s toys, for the upcoming assignment. I have also been researching some artists whose work has a ‘toy’ theme.

Rabbit – charcoal and watercolour

This first sketch was firstly made with charcoal, and then I added a watercolour wash to parts of it. I don’t think it was very successful using these two media together. The effect is subdued and muddy, and obliterates the detail and tonal values.

Rabbit – pen and watercolour

The second sketch, I chose the media of drawing pen and watercolour. I used cross hatching to define the areas of shadow. This worked quite well, but I wasn’t satisfied with this sketch as I don’t like the hard edges and strict definition that the pen gives. I did enjoy the cross hatching though!

Rabbit – conte stick and watercolour

I was not happy with this sketch. I don’t think I took enough care with the conte drawing. It looks messy and rushed, The watercolour wash was tinted by the conte stick, making the colours look darker, with a greyish tint.

It is hard to say which sketch I prefer, but it would definitely not be the third one. I like the dark mood of the first, but not the way the paint interacted with the charcoal. I like the drawing and watercolour of the ink one, but not the hardness and sharpness of it. I think I need to experiment a bit more!

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