Drawing 1, Part 1: Reflections

I feel like the first past of this module has been enjoyable and successful. I have learned new skills, and worked with new media, such as charcoal and Conte crayon. I have considered the way in which I represent tonal gradients and shading, and learned to use techniques such as using lines and crosshatching to represent shadow.

I have been motivated to use a sketchbook to experiment and make preliminary sketches towards my assignment, and for my own learning experiences. I have also been experimenting with combining different media.

It has been enlightening to learn about the work of artists such as Joyce Pensato and Liz Markus and how it relates to my own views and practice. I have been inspired to explore and create in ways I had not before considered or attempted.

I need to develop my own ideas, and not be bound by convention. I feel that as this is a drawing course, I should be working in a traditional manner, demonstrating the skills I am learning. I would like to be able to be more abstract, expressionist, and experimental, but maybe that is something I can do in my own time, not related to the course, then maybe bring some of the elements into my work at a later time.

I am finding this first module very enjoyable.

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