Drawing 1, Part 2: Exercise 1

A Group of Objects

For this task we were asked to make a collection of objects and make studies before creating the final composition

I found a small collection of spectacles. They were ordinary spectacles. Black frames. But I had the idea to use colour and try a couple of different media.

I had the idea of Brexit, and the colours red, white and blue (I don’t know why!)

I made sketches of the glasses in different configurations, using the colours i had chosen. I sketched in pen and pencil.

pen sketches of spectacles

I then experimented added oil pastels and acrylic inks to add colour.

Pen, oil pastel and acrylic ink
Pen, oil pastels and acrylic ink

I liked the idea of the oil pastels, as they are very vibrant. But the acrylic ink was not resisting the pastel very well, and i decided to try watercolours rather than acrylic ink.

pen, oil pastels and watercolours

I liked the way the watercolours were translucent, and resisted the oil pastels. I decided to use them in the final composition.

I settled upon a symmetrical and ordered composition, with the spectacles in rows and columns. I used the colours of Brexit…red, white and blue, for the drawing.

I drew an outline in pen, firstly, and later added some cross hatching in shadow areas around the frame.

final sketch before adding colour

I then added the colour in oil pastels, keeping to the UK colours.

spectacle sketch with oil pastels added

I added a wash in Winsor Red and Winsor Blue, plus used white gouache to add highlights on the lenses. The gouache resisted the wax, giving an interesting effect.

I finished the piece by adding splatters of white gouache paint, diluted a little with water.

The final sketch, complete with colour. ‘Brexacle’

I decided to call the piece ‘Brexacle’.

I enjoyed creating this piece and worked hard with exploring ideas in my sketchbook. I like the concept, which is that Brexit was a spectacle. I enjoyed the media I explored during this exercise. I like the way the oil pastels could blend a little. I also like the effect of the pastel resisting the water based paints.

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