Drawing 1, Part 2: Exercise 2

Cross hatching

For this exercise, we focussed on crosshatching and mark making with natural objects.

I could find nothing in my area, as it is just very urban, so decided to sketch a green pepper and some vine tomatoes.

I used a 2H, H, B, 2B, 5B and 6B pencils on a piece of A2 paper divided into 4 sections.

Here are the finished sketches.

Crosshatching: green pepper and vine tomatoes.

Here are the individual sketches:

vine tomatoes
green pepper cross section
green pepper

I found this exercise quite difficult with the pencils. I found the went blunt very quickly, and the effect is very soft. I have tried cross hatching with a conte stick and pens, which I found more suited, as the lines were cleaner.

It was difficult to create gradual reductions in tonal intensity, so there is clear demarcation in some of the images, between the highlights and the other areas. It doesn’t look like a smooth transition.

I feel as though I was very heavy handed in my mark making, and could have been much less intense.

I will try and work on this technique in my sketchbook, with other subjects and media.

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