Drawing 1, Part 2: Exercise 2, revisited

I decided to try this exercise in pen, with shells as the subject.

four seashell sketches in pen

We were asked to use various marks and cross hatching to define tone and form. We were also asked to pay attention to composition and negative space.

Here are the four individual sketches:

shell sketch one
shell sketch two
shell sketch three
shell sketch four

I previously attempted this exercise using different grades of graphite pencil. I found it tedious, and was dissatisfied with the result. The pencils kept going blunt, and I felt the cross hatching wasn’t defined, and looked too dense and dark.

It felt like a different experience, cross hatching the shells in pen, and using various lines. The pen seems to give a cleaner effect, and the lines and marks seem more visible and defined. It was easier to get finer detail and I felt I could be freer and more expressive.

I am happy with these sketches. They were an enjoyable challenge.

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