Sketchbook: Foxy in Pastel

I have decided to carry on exploring the toy theme for this part of the module.

I am working on ideas for the next exercise. exercise 3, which focusses on blocks of tone.

I chose one of my son’s Five Nights at Freddy’s themed toys, called ‘Foxy’, and the medium of pastels. I worked in my A3 sketchbook.

I started out with a faint pencil shape, for a guide. I then started laying on blocks of darker red pastel for the shadow areas. I had to make do with what colours I had, as there wasn’t a deeper red available. I then blocked in the mid tones with a lighter red, and the highlights in a lighter colour, a sort of pale, cream colour.

I had laid the colours on boldly and thickly, so after I had blown the picture to get rid of the dust, I used my finger to blend the blocks of colour together. I added more highlights, as they had got lost during the blending of the darker colours.

I wanted to add emphasis and a dark feeling to the image, so blended in some black around the edges. I worked this into the main body and blended it with the areas of red. I added the eyes, using white, a hint of black, and yellow.

To finish, I added and blended in more highlights, and let the black pastel wander around the edges of the drawing, as I enjoy incorporating line into my drawings.

I didn’t have any set idea in mind when I started the drawing, as to how I wanted it to look. I just experimented and tried to follow the exercise’s brief as much as possible, which was to build up a drawing using blocks of colour, whilst retaining my own individuality.

I feel, looking back on this work, as though I have brought elements of my research into the artists Peter Jones and Joyce Pensato into this piece. There is a fun element there, but also a slight dark element, and a sense of age. Even a sense of the toy being old and dirty. Its only having one eye, one being missing, adds to a sense of imperfection and perhaps neglect.

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