Drawing 1, Part 2: Exercise 7


I have really struggled with this exercise. My flat is very cramped, and there is nothing pleasant to draw. The most interesting place is my son’s room.

I made some sketches, documented in the previous post, and a sketch as to how i wanted the composition to look.

I took a view from above, as I imagined it. I decided to take a more expressionistic approach, and distort proportions. I also used the colours that felt calm and restful, and also represented sleep and relaxation. I chose to use shades of blue, which to me is a calm colour.

I drew the composition in black pen, then added watercolour. I used an oil pastel for the details on the quilt and pillows. I then added pen marks to indicate shadows.

Here are parts of the composition:

Mickey and Teddy
The Curtains
The Bookcase
The Bed

And here is the whole composition, on A2 paper:

Final composition: Calm in Chaos

The blues, as I said before, represent peace and calm, sleep and relaxation. The two soft toys represent his grandmother. She bought them for him when he was very young. There are books and games on the shelves, along with an Xbox and a video player.

I have mixed feelings about the composition. I knew what I wanted to portray, but it took me four attempts. The first attempt, I was half way through the drawing, and knocked a whole bottle of solvent all over it, so had to throw it away. The second and third attempts I wasn’t happy with.

I am not 100% happy with this final piece, as I feel it looks childish. I like the subject and the colours, and the pen, but wonder if the watercolour was too expansive and overpowers image. I suppose the blue watercolour is the negative space. It reminds me of a tranquil sea. I wanted to distort the perspective, but the walls look odd. Also, the headboard doesn’t right, for the downwards view. I should be looking straight down onto the top of the headboard.

The pen work looks quite fine and delicate. I feel that perhaps a dip pen and ink might have had more impact. It really needs to be viewed large to see the pen work and detail.


  1. I really like it. I feel the sense of calm you wanted to convey and I like the viewpoint of gazing down into the room- it’s unusual and fresh. I think it’s a successful image and one I’ll remember.

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