Sketchbook: Glassine hands

I have had an idea for the end of part two assignment. It is going to be a still life, with fruit as part of it, but i am going to incorporate hands and use glassine paper.

Today I experimented with brush pen, glassine paper and oil pastels (didn’t want to get out the oils as my son was playing on his VR headset on the computer next to me!)

I drew a hand, from observation, and very quickly and roughly, on the paper. It was not easy to draw my left hand with my right hand, and position my hand the way I wanted it!

I then drew a small amount of grapes and coloured them roughly, using oil pastels. I placed the grapes over the hand, as though it was holding them with open fingers.

Hand with grapes on glassine paper

For the second hand, I drew a hand on glassine and an apple on another piece. I coloured the apple roughly, using the oil pastels. I then cut the thumb off the hand, positioned the apple on the hand, then placed the thumb over the top, to look like the hand was grasping the apple.

Hand with apple on glassine paper

Here are the two hands side by side:

Two hands with fruit on glassine paper

I really enjoyed the process of making these hands and think it is an unusual and interesting idea.

I was inspired by Eric Fischl, and his glassine sketches in the 70’s and 80’s. You can find out more about them here:

When I create the final piece, I am going to use oil paints to paint the fruit or maybe draw it with a fine brush in oils. Expressive mark making.


    • thanks, I am quite excited about these hands and this assignment! So glad my tutor mentioned Eric Fischl, and I happen to have some glassine paper hidden away in my cupboard!!


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