Sketchbook: Glassine specs

After seeing the work of Eric Fischl, in particular his pieces involving glassine, I decided to experiment with pieces of glassine paper.

Eric Fischl (1977), Brother and Sister on a Bed [Glassine and OIl]

Fischl used oil to paint on sheets of glassine paper, building up a narrative and adding separate elements as he went along. As you can see, the above image is made of three elements, each on separate pieces of glassine. The chair, the sister and the brother. It is a suggestive image, that leaves one wondering about the connotations, but the piece itself is striking, and the artist’s working process, of building the picture by building the story as it emerges, is fascinating, and one i might emulate.

Experiments with glassine paper, pen and oil pastel

I first drew three pairs of specs in pen. They were from actual cheap sunglasses I bought on eBay, in different colours. The pair on the left I coloured using oil pastels. I then traced the glasses onto the glassine paper using a black fineliner pan. I traced two further sections in oil pastel…a red pair and a blue pair. I layered these on the paper. I stuck the first two pairs down using pritt stick all round the edges, which I think spoiled the effect, then the red pair I just used a dot in each corner, which I think looked more effective, as you could see the edges of the glassine paper more.

I really like the effect of the glassine paper, and it is certainly something I am going to experiment with further. I found that the more layers you have, the less the base layer is visible. I was surprised that surface of the glassine paper didn’t resist the pen. Will try some more sketches with the glassine and different subjects, with a view to using it in the final assignment for part 2.

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