Drawing 1, Part 2: Reflections

i am finding the course so far very informative. It has expanded my knowledge of different drawing practices and encouraged me to expand my experience and thinking regarding the nature of drawing.

I have been introduced to a range of media, including oil pastels, soft pastels, acrylic inks, dip pen and ink, charcoal, conte stick and the materials I would normally use, such as pencil and pen. It has been interesting to learn about the properties of each medium through the drawing exercises during this part of the unit. I am very happy that colour was introduced, and that we were encouraged to explore mixed media. I enjoyed creating the compositions with fruit and mixed media, incorporating collage and other techniques such as calligraphy. I learned to enjoy oil pastels, and found a brand of high quality pastels which are easy to blend. I also became familiar with acrylic inks, and was impressed by their vibrancy. I also learned about the properties of glissine paper, after seeing work by Eric Fischl. I managed to incorporate this into my part two assignment.

I have learnt a range of skills and techniques, although I do have a tendency to want to explore expressionist avenues. I also feel constrained by realism in some ways, and this can limit my self expression. I have tried hard during this unit to display that I can effectively use colour and tone, whilst still managing to be unique and experimental. For me, art is about expression, but that is my own personal journey, and it is different for each individual.

I have been introduced to composition, and have created some simple compositions during this part of the course. I enjoyed creating the ‘Zero Sugar Still Life’ sketches and composition, and also had an interesting time creating the composition for the assignment, which was also a bit conceptual. It is a problem for me when creating larger compositions as I am usually working on a table with A2 or A1 paper, so cannot fit both the objects and the paper on the table, consecutively. I am having to put the objects on a nearby computer table and then it is a problem for my vision. But I am managing.

We haven’t really covered a lot on perspective yet, although we have had to consider the proportions of objects in relation to one another.

It has been interesting to research the work of other artists so far during the previous two units. I particularly enjoy seeing contemporary and expressionist art. I was impressed by the work of Eric Fischl. I admired his courage in his early depictions of life in suburban America, with its dark secrets and adolescent taboos.

So far in the course, I am enjoying the exercises and assignments. I always try and find my own way of meeting the criteria of the exercise, although this may be unusual and not traditional. But it is important for me to interpret things in my own way, according to my spirit and creative drive.

I am grateful for the inspiration from my tutor, and her willingness to let me be who I am, artistically. For me, art is about being experimental and trying new ideas, and communicating ideas in a creative way,


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