Sketching – Joan Eardley

After having researched Joan Eardley’s landscape paintings, I was also taken by her sketches of young children in the slums in Glasgow. I used pastels to try and replicate one of her sketches…’Girl in Striped Dress’.

This is the original version…

Girl in Striped Dress, Joan Eardley

And here is my attempt…

My attempt at replicating Joan Eardley’s sketch

My colours look brighter and more flourescent, but Joan Eardley’s sketch is over 60 years old, so may have faded.

I enjoyed creating this sketch, and trying out the techniques that she would use. It fitted in quite well with a style I use for watercolours. I liked the loose feel of the stripes and the vibrant colours, and also the use of black lines. I love the images she has created with the slum kids. They are engaging and charming, full of character.


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