Drawing 1, Part 2, Assignment 2: Response to tutor feedback.

The first thing my tutor said was that I seem to be finding the course inspiring, and I am, although I am finding part three a little challenging, as I have never worked with landscapes before.

I will certainly find ways of combining my self initiated work with the coursework in future, if not in this module, then in a future painting module. I am particularly interested in exploring the glassine portraits I created during part two, as part of the module which covers figure drawing. I am also keen to explore themes I explored during assignment two, which cover family, childhood, death and also disability. I suffer from bipolar disorder, so this is another avenue I could explore.

I am glad that my tutor enjoyed the iggle piggle drawing, and the concept behind it. My son has autism, and his experience of the world is very different to other peoples’. I am keen to explore this, and also my own mental health, as I just said.

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My tutor mentioned that she quite liked my crosshatched vegetables; that they looked more ‘worked’ and intensely focused than the pen drawings. I agree, they were more worked on, and a lot of concentration went into them. I think more energy too, as the feeling of drawing with pen is much lighter and less physical than pencil.

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It was mentioned that there is little reference to backgrounds in my work, and looking back, this is very correct. I need to put my subjects into some sort of context, or make more thoughtful and considered use of negative space. I will certainly think more carefully in future.

The toy theme: I think my focus will be more on family, memories, disability, rather than specifically toys from now on, although I have enjoyed exploring the toy theme and I’m sure it will be an integral part of my future work.

Assignment 2 – ‘Once Upon a Family’. My tutor said this was a vast concept, and I agree; there was so much to cover in just one piece of work, and it could be something to rework and explore, maybe in separate pieces on the same theme. It wasn’t really clear whether the hands belonged to one person or three. But maybe that is something for the viewer to decide, something open ended. It does feel very disconnected, and the composition isn’t really coherent. It just leads your eyes in circles. I am very keen to rework this into a series of five images, but am worried that this wouldn’t fit the assessment criteria. But maybe it is something for personal exploration. I could try rearranging the subjects by cutting them out, and using the glassine hands, but i have just had an idea for a piece of my own work, using them as unreachable objects. Maybe I could incorporate this idea into this module, I am not sure, but whatever happens, I can explore it at my own leisure. I do agree that using the different media made the piece aesthetically incoherent, and if I were to do it again, I would probably have just used oil pastel, or even chalk pastel, as I am quite interested in how Joan Eardley used coloured pastel with black outline, in her portraits of street children. I will certainly be exploring these subjects in future work, especially disability, including my experiences with mental illness.

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I looked at the work of Kate Murdoch, as suggested, and made a blog entry. I adore her work. It is thought provoking, intriguing and open ended. It draws the viewer in, but allows them to draw their own conclusions. I also like her piece ‘Bad Head Day’, which portrays the frustration she feels with her disability (she is deaf).

I also looked at the work of Anita Taylor, and loved her huge self portraits, with the charcoal. They have inspired me to purchase a hand mirror, and I am going to try some self portraits of my own!

Thank you to my tutor for her constructive comments and feedback, and for pointing me in the right direction for future exploration and progression. The comments help me to grow as an artist and student, and to see avenues I can explore.

I feel that I have made progress during part 2, and have explored many ideas, concepts, and extended my working knowledge of different media. I have also been encouraged to think out of the box and be expressive, and this is very important to me.


    • Thank you so much. There was a time in the Pabst when I would have found any criticism hard to take, but as I have got older, I seem to be able to use it to positive effect. I think it is important to be analytical, in order to progress and grow. Thank you so much for following my progress.

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