Drawing 1, Part 3; Exercise 6

Parallel Perspective

For this exercise we were asked to take a scene that had a parallel viewpoint and recreate the scene, paying attention to where we thought eye level was, and the placement of objects according to perceived parallel perspective. We were not allowed to use a ruler for the drawing.

First I drew a scene of a street in York, as we visited the other day and I took photos for the purpose of my sketchbook. I am unable to go into the street and sketch this week, as I have my son with me, who is Autistic and wouldn’t really cope with sitting around for that long.

After we had drawn the scene, we were then asked to mark the eye level with a line, then mark the parallel lines meeting at eye level. I drew the lines in red.

Street Scene – Parallel perspective.

I notice, on viewing my finished image, that some of the verticals aren’t straight, for example, the wall far left and the windows on the right hand side. Although several lines were parallel, there were other lines which weren’t, but that is to be expected. The right hand side seems to have kept more accurately to the parallel perspective than the buildings on the left. But all in all, it was a reasonable attempt.

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