Drawing 1, Part 3: Exercise 8

Aerial Perspective

We were asked to explore representing aerial perspective through drawing.

I did three separate pieces, in contrasting media.

For the first image I used coloured pencils, and used a photograph of a countryside scene, as I was unable to go out into the landscape.

countryside scene with poppies

I don’t think this scene successfully demonstrated aerial perspective. The colours are too vibrant throughout the scene, and they don’t fade or fall off towards the back of the scene, enough. I used crosshatching, when I should have been using smoother tonal variations.

For the second image I used pastel pencils, and only several tones. I focussed on smoother tonal graduations, and more attention to fading and paleness into the distance.

countryside scene with limited palette

I feel this second attempt was more successful than the first, as the image fades away into the distance and becomes less distinct. Keeping the colours palette limited has also added to the effect of aerial perspective. I think some of the hills in the middle ground could be slighter darker, which would further add to the effect.

The final piece was created using pen and watercolour. I used a reference photograph.

aerial perspective using pen and watercolour

I do love the effect of the watercolours, although this was on cartridge paper rather than watercolour paper, so the effects are different. I kept with a very limited palette: black, Payne’s Grey, and a shade of blue I am unsure of the name of. I think there is a sense of aerial perspective, though watercolour paper might have been a preferable medium. The lines of pen are not really noticeable beneath the watercolour, except for the bold, brush pen in the foreground. I had considered defining then with the brush pen, but that would have broken the illusion of the perspective.


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