Drawing 1, Part 4: Exercise 4

Three Longer Studies

Using a variety of tools and materials, we were asked to make three longer studies using the following poses:

  • Standing
  • Seated
  • Lounging

My model was 63 year old Jeanette, who has an interesting face and physique.


For the standing portrait, I worked in my A3 sketchbook on cartridge paper in 2B and 6B graphite pencil.

Jeanette – standing pose

I don’t usually focus on facial details, and find them very difficult, but really tried hard with this. Jeanette’s face is an interesting one, lined and tells its own story. I tried to replicate this, using pencil, and paid attention to detail. I think I captured a good likeness, but not sure how realistic the structure is. It seems a bit flat. I tried to follow the contours of her body beneath her tight top, and there were some interesting aspects, such as the roundness of her breasts, and stomach, and the folds in the fabric.

I used pencil to shade the darker areas, using gradients of graphite pencil. I feel this has worked to some extent, though does not look as realistic as it could. However, we only had an hour to do the study.


For the seated pose, I worked in an A3 sketchbook using graphite pencil.

Jeanette – seated pose

I kept the sketch fairly loose and rough, and included other elements, such as the sofa and the radiator behind her. I used a variety of pencil marks, including shading using the side of the lead.

Although it is a fairly interesting drawing, it seems quite flat, and the figure could have had more structure and three dimensionality.


For the final sketch, I used fineliner drawing pen. with a watercolour wash technique.

Jeanette – lounging

I sketched loosely using pen, including the sofa, although did not include any context apart from the sofa. I think I overestimated the proportions, as Jeanette looks much fatter than she actually is, in this sketch. The hands aren’t very well drawn. I also did not include facial detail.

I used the watercolour paints to indicate shade and left white areas of paper as highlights. I think her position is correct, but feel the settee lacks weight and density, and looks fairly light and insubstantial. I let the paint drip, intentionally, as i like the effect.


I think the accuracy of the figure was inconsistent between the sketches. The first sketch, which I spent the longest on, seems to be the most accurate. The seated figure looks a little flat and unsculpted, but the proportions of the body and limbs seem correct. The lounging figure looks larger than in reality. The hands and feet are not well represented in either, and this is something I really need to work on. I get a mental block when I am trying to draw them!

Imagining the structure beneath the skin helped me in the first sketch, but i took my time more. I think I could have had more accuracy with sketches two and three if i had visualised a bit more clearly.

I think I have caught the characteristics of the poses fairly well. The lounging one was not really an easy pose, compared to the standing one.

I think the body has sufficient weight and presence in the first two sketches, though looks a little light and airy in the lounging (final) sketch. I think the pencil sketching has more weight than the watercolour and pen wash.

I think all three figures look connected to the world.

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