Drawing 1, Assignment 3

For this assignment, we were asked to produce a drawing larger than A3. We could base our work on any aspect of what we had studied during part 3.

I chose to focus on trees, in particular expanding an idea I had in a previous exercise, when I drew a charcoal forest.

I worked in charcoal and white chalk on A2 paper. I used the charcoal to create areas of hazy grey, and mixed in white chalk.

Messy work!

I then slowly built up layers of marks representing trees, making each layer darker and more dense, the closer to the foreground it was supposed to be.

I had to play around and experiment quite a lot to get the effect I desired.

Assignment 3

I played with different ways of mixing the media and smudging the chalk and charcoal. I then felt as though the background was too sparse, so I used my chalk and charcoal to create lines which were supposed to represent trees in the distance.

Finally, I added some splatters of black and white acrylic ink, though the white isn’t as prominent as I would have liked.

I did quite a lot of research on artists who depicted trees, and compared different styles and methods. I think the artist who more inspired me to create this piece was Gary Cook, a contemporary artist, who paints the most beautiful and haunting forest scenes.

I feel that there could have been more contrast, and that the darker areas could have been emphasised with a deeper black medium such as ink. But I was worried I would spoil my work, if i painted on the ink as an after thought.

I think that this image displays aerial perspective fairly successfully. There are definite distinctions between the different areas of the forest, and differentiation in tone, density and detail, although detail isn’t a feature of this piece.

I also feel as though I have created a scene with atmosphere.


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