Euan Uglow

Euan Uglow

Uglow, E. (1958) Beautiful Girl Lying Down [Oil on canvas]

I have chosen a work by the artist Euan Uglow, entitled ‘Beautiful Girl Lying Down’.

A nude girl is lying on her side, on clean, blue and white sheets, on a small bed. Her skin appears soft and smooth. She looks vulnerable and exposed. But very beautiful. The colours are subdued and unobtrusive. The skin tones are subtle. The lines are rounded and curved.

I find the girl intriguing. She may be in a pose, but looks vulnerable and I want to protect her. The room looks very bare, not inviting. She does not seem to belong here. She is beautiful, but there is no beauty in the ambience. Just something which evokes great compassion.

This was an interesting exercise. It brought up hidden reactions within me, which made me want to protect the girl. I enjoy seeing nude art, but this was the first time I ever felt empathy for the subject’s situation. I will most definitely be looking with new eyes.

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