Drawing 1, Part 1: Exercise 3

Experimenting with Texture

The first image shows the texture of the pebbledash wall on the balcony of my flat.This was in various shades of beige, cream and brown, the the little stones felt smooth and hard, but if you ran your hand along it, it feels very lumpy and bumpy, and also quite cold. I used charcoal pencil, pen, chalk pastels and oil pastels to explore the textures.

The second image is from a little plastic basket I keep my drawing tools in. This felt hard and quite smooth, but with small ridges. I used charcoal pencil, coloured pencil, dry pastels and pen to explore this texture.

The final image depicts the wooden patterns on the gown of my large Buddha statue. This was hard and subtle. The colours were dark grey/black and gold. I explored using pen, willow charcoal, chalk pastels and acrylic inks in black and yellow.

I then went on to explore frottage.


The most interesting textures I produced through frottage were those above. The bubblewrap, the outdoor plastic chair, the pebble dash wall and the plastic basket.

I chose to develop the chair image and the basket image using acrylic inks and pens, into a simple forest, and a poppy field.


  1. I was late to the party so have read everything all together and viewed pictures and videos one after the other albeit in reverse order. Very interesting and your text shows your ability to express yourself which I know comes quite naturally hence your poetry writing. Look forward to seeing more Sarah


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